vegan pizzaBasic Bread & Pizza Crust

gravyBasic Vegan Gravy

basilPresto Presto

roasted garlicSweet Roasted Garlic Paste

The Vegan Basics
Basic Vegan Recipes

Assorted vegan recipes stem from one or two foundational recipes. My basic bread dough recipe provides the base for focaccia, dinner rolls, flat breads, bread sticks and pizzas. My basic gravy recipe can be manipulated into the creation of scalloped potatoes, sausage gravy, brown gravy for mock meat loaf, sweet gravy for biscuits, etc.

I'll add more basics as the months go by and will refer to this section in assorted recipes.

Remember The Vegan BASICS.

The Vegan BASICS
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Basic Bread & Pizza Crust

Basic Vegan Baked Beans

Basic Vegan Gravy

Basic Mushroom Gravy

Basic Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Basic Vegan Pancakes

Basic Vegan Presto Presto

Basic Vegan Polenta

Basic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

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Rice Mexican

Sweet Roasted Garlic Paste

Vegan Sweet Potatoes or YAMS?

What are Sulfites?

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"Remember The Vegan BASICS!"

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